Keeping the weight off this holiday season

To that end, I want to offer some very simple at home to-do tips and remedies that I use. With the practice and use of these tips, you will see that the season has affected you a little less than usual.

1. A tablespoon of ‘Sat Isabgol’ every morning, mixed in a glass of hot water. (‘Telephone brand’ Psyllium husk available on Amazon).

It cleans your stomach and intestine wall from the excess deposition of toxins and oily substance. It prevents absorption of fat from the food. As it is full of fiber it helps in digestion of food. It cleans the stomach wall from excessive toxins and also helps the stomach in the movement of food through the intestine.

Any serious allergic reaction related to Isabgol is rare. It can be taken safely without any side effect. Always take it after soaking it in liquid otherwise it may cause choking.

2. Decrease the portion of food on your plate. You know you will go back for seconds, so minimize in a way that the 2 helpings add to the one that you would normally eat.

3. Desserts – What can I say? I cannot tell you to not eat sweet this season, but you can be clever about it. The way to do it: Don’t take a dessert plate. Take a fork instead, and poach JUST 3 bites from partner/family/friend. Savor each bite. Close your eyes and let all your senses enjoy the taste. When you involve all your senses in the experience of eating, the quantity of food intake reduces substantially.

4. Hot Water with lemon/lime juice. Drink 2 glasses a day as you do your stuff at home or work. This aids as a digestive and detoxing drink, plus keeps you hydrated.

5. Walk. If you can find the time, then, walk after lunch and dinner. It does not have to be a big long walk outside the house. Wait about 15 minutes after the meal, then at a very even pace walk for about 15 minutes. Walk around your dining table, walk in the corridor of your office, walk in your driveway, walk anywhere as long as you are doing it. While you walk, keep the breathing very even and easy. Please do not talk on the phone. You can listen to music, hear an audio book, chant, recite poetry…. it does not matter. As long as you are making the walk an internal experience and not projecting your energy out.

6. Be Kind to yourself and others. Open your heart. Share. Call friends/family you have been upset with. Sort out issues. Carrying undigested emotional baggage also creates emotional weight on the soul. It is actually very easy once you take your ego out of the picture.

Happy Holidays :-)

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