All services are flexible and can be modified to suit your personal or group needs.
Health Coaching
50 minutes: $135
This session will involve a complete conversational sharing of medical, professional, personal variables that may be affecting your health. You will talk through issues in multiple sessions, set goals and create an action plan to follow. Based on your needs, you may receive recommendations for other holistic practitioners and modalities. This sort of Coaching is extremely beneficial in achieving desired health goals with the non-judgmental support provided. For best results, it is best to commit to a long-term plan with the Health Coach.
Health Coaching, Yoga & Nutrition
90 minutes: $175.00 
This 90 min session involves working with the client (as described above) to understand the underlying cause of possible physical and emotional issues; and then using yoga/breath/focus as a means to address the issue. This combined approach really works well because it allows the client to mentally unburden themselves, and then know that they are physically taking steps to remedy what ails them. Yoga along with with breathing practice is enough to support many a medical issue. 

Individual Yoga Session

75-90 minutes: $125

The yoga class is tailored to meet your specific physical, athletic, mental and emotional needs. The session involves physical postures, breathing, and a lying down relaxation. 

Group Yoga Session

75-90 minutes: $50 person

This yoga class can be designed to meet the needs of your group. The venue is dependent on your group size and location. 

Some areas we can use the above services 

Flexibility for Athletes 


Yoga supports you implicitly to enhance your skills as an athlete. Individually, or in a group, Priya uses yoga, breathing practices and meditation to help you increase your flexibility, build strength and improve concentration. Yoga also helps to work though injuries or tightness that restricts your movement, it strengthens your stance and develops emotional endurance. With continued practice of yoga, you will develop a better skills. Watch how your body and mind get more in sync with your game. 


Weight Loss


Understand the concept of energy blockages, low digestive fire (Agni), nutritional habits and exercise routines. Every individual has a unique constitution with a unique food and exercise plan. Priya listens to every client, assesses their Ayurvedic constitution, and suggests the best nutritional, yoga and auxiliary support. You are encouraged to progress towards your targeted weight by establishing an understanding of yourself and your habits. The whole program is unique to you, as you move at your chosen pace to establish new patterns about your nutritional, personal and exercise habits.  

The Changing Body


Every woman in her late thirties forward, experiences changes in her emotional and physical self that are confusing and unexpected. These changes range from mood swings, weight gain,

hot flashes, depression, and various other manifestations of the new time. This is a natural phenomenon and all women have to transition towards a new version of themselves. However, understanding the process and learning how to manage your mind and body can be beneficial for you and your family. Priya can guide you into making an easier transition with the use of Yoga and herbs. Contact her for a consultation. 

Spinal Care


There is a multitude of reasons for spinal issues – age, poor posture, habits, injuries, or hereditary. With her study of the spine in Applied anatomy and yoga therapy, Priya has a deep understanding of spinal issues and related medical problems. If you are dealing with a herniated discs, weak muscles, sciatica and other injuries, Priya supports you through the healing and strengthening process by developing an easy yoga routine, and introducing you to related healing modalities. ​

Stress and Depression


Stress is the bane for the modern world. The pressures and needs of our daily lives leave us no time to stay on top of managing our mental health. Even the scientific world has run enough clinical trials to firmly establish that Yoga and Meditation are the best tool for stress management. Priya helps you develop a short personal practice to successfully manage your stress with very easy postures, breath and meditation.



The theory behind every concept in yoga is actually beautiful and very simple. The practice becomes very meaningful and deeply personal once you are connected to the true nature of yoga. Priya offers a variety of workshops, usually 3 hours long, where the main topic is introduced and explained in depth, followed by an asana, pranayama, and meditation practice.

The topics can vary from: Yoga and Weight Loss, Fundamentals of Yoga and Ayurveda, Anatomy of the Spine and Yoga, Yoga for Depression, Yoga and Nutrition,  among many others.

The venue of these workshops can be decided based upon your location. Cost varies depending upon location and number of attendees. 

Corporate or Private Retreats 


Leave the world behind and get away for a few enriching and educational days of yoga and meditation. Priya organizes retreats for private, medical and corporate groups at various retreat centers in the Bay Area and India. The retreat can be tailored around specific topics, e.g. Yoga and Ayurveda, Yoga and Writing for Healing, Yoga for Women’s health, and many more. Please contact her to put together a customized retreat for your group.