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December 28, 2015



Think of January 2016 as the month where you give your body a vacation from all the hard work it has put in for the past year.  Even when you were on a vacation, your body really wasn’t, because you probably ate and drank more than you normally would. This has been my annual pattern for many years now – making January the month where I take stock of my health. So in that light, let me share what I do to cleanse.


Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. That is the only thing that gets you to a place where you get anything accomplished.  And actually it is not difficult because you don’t have to do the dreadful dieting business. So here is how I begin my New Year.


The Do’s:


1. Start the day with a hot mug of water with a full lime squeezed in. This is hard for the first couple of days, but then you start looking forward to it because it makes your insides feel so good. The hot water wakes up the digestive system and starts the cleansing process.


2. A tablespoon of Psyllium husk every morni...

December 20, 2015


To that end, I want to offer some very simple at home to-do tips and remedies that I use. With the practice and use of these tips, you will see that the season has affected you a little less than usual.


1.     A tablespoon of ‘Sat Isabgol’ every morning, mixed in a glass of hot water. (‘Telephone brand’ Psyllium husk available on Amazon).

It cleans your stomach and intestine wall from the excess deposition of toxins and oily substance. It prevents absorption of fat from the food. As it is full of fiber it helps in digestion of food. It cleans the stomach wall from excessive toxins and also helps the stomach in the  movement of food through the intestine.


Any serious allergic reaction related to Isabgol is rare. It can be taken safely without any side effect. Always take it after soaking it in liquid otherwise it may cause choking.


2.     Decrease the portion of food on your plate. You know you will go back for seconds, so minimize in a way that the 2 helpings add to the...

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Love - Mind, Body and Soul

September 12, 2017

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